Welcome to Pineapple Express Superfood Cafe & Kiosk Concept

Pineapple Express is a cafe with a special emphasis on superfoods and everything that is ‘good for your insides’. We offer 2 styles of concepts, a full-service style café with breakfast & lunch menus + our superfood box café which dishes up lots of healthy options! Set up like a bar.

Why Pineapple Express?


Pineapple Express is a cutting edge health food brand on the forefront of good living in Australia & Dubai. From the moment you walk into a Pineapple Express your senses will be filled with all elements that go into healthy food.

You can always count on your food to be fresh, filled with goodness and served with a smile. Our menu and ethos is as easy going as we are. Unlike other health food brands, we aren’t pretentious about the way we embrace food, ensuring our menu is accessible and enjoyed by all. We’re a brand with a big vision and every element of our business is dedicated to delivering high quality products that have worldwide reach and appeal.

We want to make healthy eating trendy, fun and most importantly exciting. It’s a vision we apply to everything we do, from our colourful packaging, laidback shop design, tasty menu and the way our products are dressed.

Our customers are our best marketing assets and we constantly try to create an inspirational atmosphere and products that encourage patrons to snap a photo for social media. It’s a strategy that allows “word of mouth” recommendations to do the talking for us. It’s working too – we have more than 45,000 followers on our combined social media.

To make things easier for our staff and partners we constantly look for opportunities to embrace new technologies. We’ve built and implemented our very own custom APP allowing customers to pre-order meals with seamless automated transactions, which are integrated into our point of sale (POS). It gives us another edge in the industry and delivers us a win with customers. We’re uniquely positioned to take our healthy eating brand global and take on even more expansion opportunities.

Pineapple Express Superfood Cafe concept gives you the opportunity to enjoy fresh and health meal. We like to offer Vegan, Gluten Free, high protein, Antioxidants based dishes and drinks to improve your body’s immune system during this covid-19 pandemic.

This journey began 2015 and is till going.

Visit us at Hamilton Qld, Eatons Hill Qld, Wintergarden Centre Brisbane


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