UberEats now live at Pineapple Express Superfood Cafe

Pineapple Express Now Available on UberEats for Hamilton and Eatons Hill

Finally we are on UberEats for Pineapple Express Hamilton Qld and Pinapple Express Eatons Hill Village, Brendal Qld. Order first time and get regular rewards from Pineapple Express delivered to your doorsteps. We have added back our online store for Order and Food Pickup only to support Contact-less and reduce wait time during busy periods.


Turmeric Latte with active curcumin drink for winter

Turmeric Latte with Active Curcumin Herb for Inner Wellness Turmeric Latte Turmeric Drink Turmeric Why Turmeric Latte? Turmeric Latte – Ideal warm drink during winter or to improve inner health, Turmic which has active ingredient curcumin. Pineapple Express cafe has a blend of milk available for this famous Turmeric Latte. ( Full Cream, Lactose Free,

Veef Burger at Pineapple Express Superfood Cafe

Have you Heard Of vEEF??

Pineapple Express will be soon launching a plant based Burger offering due to the current DEMAND and ever-changing society. Part of this exciting MENU will be the collaboration with our good friends at vEEF. A Bit ABOUT our FRIENDs @ VEEF Created by an award-winning chef – who just so happens to be vegan –

fathers day gift restaurant pineapple express cafe brisbane
Fathers Day Celebration

Fathers Day 2020 Treat your dad this special day with high protein breakfast or lunch

Pineapple Express Special  Fathers Day 2020 Treat your dad this special day with high protein breakfast or lunch at Hamilton Qld or Eatons Hill. Book your dad this fathers day for a healthy treat for breakfast or lunch at Pineapple Express Superfood CafeChoice of breakfast or lunch menu available or try our fathers day special

Antioxidants in Food by Pineapple Express Superfood Cafe
Pineapple Express Cafe

The power of Antioxidants in rich super foods

Did you ever think what is an antioxidant? and in particular why it is imperative to your HEALTH? Antioxidants are molecules found in certain fruits, vegetables, types of tea and other foods, that help fight free radicals. Free radicals are unstable cells that are produced naturally within the body as a by-product of our bodily processes, including

Butterbing at Pineapple Express Superfood Cafe
Pineapple Express Cafe

Butterbing hits Pineapple Express Superfood Cafe

ButterBing Story In 2013, Butterbing founder and overall dessert lover Simone Clark walked into her local IGA, and picked out the ingredients that were going to help her take over Australia’s taste buds. The journey started as an honesty fridge on her front porch, and selling an assortment of pastries to local Melbourne cafes. Simone’s

Pineapple Express Superfood Cafe Australia
Pineapple Express Cafe

Superfood Cafe Launch

Welcome to Pineapple Express Superfood Cafe & Kiosk Concept Pineapple Express is a cafe with a special emphasis on superfoods and everything that is ‘good for your insides’. We offer 2 styles of concepts, a full-service style café with breakfast & lunch menus + our superfood box café which dishes up lots of healthy options! Set up like a bar. Why Pineapple Express?

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